Love Wedding Photo
Love Wedding Photo

Wedding packages start from $2500.

The most popular wedding package is $4000.

I love to give! Even more than to receive. When I was 10 years old I even had more kinds of wrapping paper than toys. And today, to celebrate you getting married in the near future, I have something very special for you! 

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My name is Lisha and I've been a wedding photographer for the past 5 years in the US, Europe and Island destinations. I LOVE, capturing emotions in my photos, the soft light at sunset, all things turquoise, traveling, Sunday brunches, wine culture, live music, bread, cheese and a much, much more! I cherish great connections, honest, deep conversations and the joy of creating new memories together with old friends and new. I am the perfect photographer for you if the most important thing about the photos from your wedding is the ability to reflect on them 10 years later and still feel those same emotions that you felt on your special day.